Monthly Archives: April 2015

Keys to a Cost effective 3D Printed Project

Often we receive models that are bulky and rather large. Take the Sioux Falls Cathedral for instance, a great architectural piece.Sioux Falls CathedralThe bounding box is 141mm x 183mm x 189mm tall, with a solid volume of 1283 cubic centimeters. As is, this will not be a cost effective 3D printed project as a solid, given the […]

Reaching New Heights: 3D Printing in Aerospace & Why it’s Catching On

 Today, 3D printing is streamlining processes in companies of all sizes, with particular prominence in the automotive, aerospace, medical, and defense sectors.  In this post we will focus on 3D printing in aerospace, including how and why the technology has gained so much traction in the sector. Why doesn’t aerospace just stick to traditional manufacturing […]

Comparing SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) with injection molding

  Before you manufacture anything, you need to decide two major things: What material(s) your product will be made of. How to manufacture it.   This post will contrast injection molding and 3D printing, specifically looking at the costs associated with each. As a common 3D production method, we’re using selective laser sintering as our […]