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Our Services and Materials:

It’s pretty simple! We make your designs into real life products. Give us a CAD model and with our amazing SLS technology, we’ll bring your vision to life. Our basic production material is a strong plastic called Nylon-12, which is impressively durable, flexible, and heat-resistant. If you need something a little different, we can also print models using a variety of optional compounds like carbon or glass-filled nylon.

Instead of letting computers do all the work, we personally review your CAD file and will gladly offer feedback on your design to ensure that you get the results you desire.


  • Bike Shoe Prototype

    3D Print Prototyping

    Our technology is the fastest most effective medium for realizing your designs. With the ability to print a custom model for you in a matter of days, our technology is great for prototypes. You have the freedom to print a prototype and even make modifications on a short timeline.

  • Trophies/ProductionMyth: 3D printing is only good for prototypes.

    3D Print Production

    3D printing has come a long way since its introduction, now able to create functional products with long-term value. Conventional design rules are out the window as powerful lasers can create virtually any model with extreme precision. Today, this technology has entered the mainstream with robust materials and rapid turnaround. Assemblies can be printed as assemblies, removed from the build chamber, then quickly cleaned and ready to function. Major industries like medical, aerospace, and many more are already using 3D printing to manufacture high-value custom parts.

  • Powder Cake Materials

    SLS Materials

    We offer the following materials in our SLS printing services:
    • Nylon 12
    Glass-Filled Nylon
    • Flame Retardant Nylon
    Carbon-Filled Nylon

Take your parts to the next level.

  • Tumble polishing

  • Hand Sanding

  • Nickel plating

  • Dying


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