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Ultimate 3d-Changing how we price lower quantity part runs!

At Ultimate 3D we excel at large production runs. As a result, we compete with injection molding prices when you amortize the tooling into the mix. We have come to realize that our pricing structure is inhibitive to the onesie, twosie quantities. Hence, we have restructured how we price your parts. That said, if you […]

Ultimate 3D now Finishing 3D Printed Parts

Finishing 3D Printed Parts We have teamed up with a world class Painter/Finisher to help bring your prototype and production parts to life. Finishing 3D printed price. We offer a full spectrum of colors, once the color is decided you can chose a finish from Flat to Full Gloss finishes. Your parts are sanded smooth, then filler primer is […]

Ultimate 3D Open House

A little over a year ago we became Ultimate 3D LLC, in celebration we want to throw a party and you are invited!  Please RSVP at info@ult3d.com so we know how many to plan for. Many have already committed, but we don”t want anyone left out! We will have locally grown grass fed hamburger and […]

Ultimate 3D is proud to sponsor Palatov Motorsports as they take on Heavy Hitters for another win in this year’s Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb

The Ultimate 3D team has a history and love for racing, so we’re excited to sponsor Palotov Motorsport as they once again take on the challenge Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb on June 28, 2015.Also known as “The Race to the Clouds,” The Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb is an annual race to the summit of Colorado’s renowned […]