At Ultimate 3D we excel at large production runs. As a result, we compete with injection molding prices when you amortize the tooling into the mix.

We have come to realize that our pricing structure is inhibitive to the onesie, twosie quantities. Hence, we have restructured how we price your parts.

That said, if you have sent us parts to quote for small quantity runs and prototypes and found our price to be slightly too high, give us another shot at your projects!

With 1 week or less lead times, you have your parts in hand very fast. Put us to the test and see why we are an industry leader when it comes to customer service and competitive pricing.

Email us your files, tell us how many parts you want pricing for and which material you prefer.  Include your contact info so we can give you a call to discuss how we can best serve your project needs!

Giving you something to Dance about!


Our mission is to provide 3D printing customers with extraordinary products and services from a team that loves doing their job. We want people to be excited about 3D printing with us.


Rapid Prototyping: Once your CAD file is ready, we will usually print your parts in 1 week or less.
(Higher volume orders may require extra time).

We specialize in high quantity production parts and are very competitive with injection molding on lower volumes. Consequently, it is possible to make thousands a part faster and lower priced than injection molding.

We print parts that are impossible to injection mold.

We gladly review all models for printability and cost effectiveness and give constructive feedback for your benefit.