Our New Prodways P4000X printer has arrived and is up and running!

What does this mean for you?  It means we can print twice as many parts keeping

our outstanding lead-time to 1 week or less.


From the beginning we have situated ourselves to be your number one supplier of 3D Printed parts, this is our way of staying at the top of your supplier list. 

Our mission is to provide 3D printing customers with extraordinary products and services from a team that loves doing their job. We want people to be excited about 3D printing with us.

It is called “rapid prototyping” for a good reason. If you have your Cad file ready, we will usually print your parts within three to four days – faster if necessary.

(Higher volume orders may require extra time).

We specialize in high quantity production parts and are very competitive with injection molding on lower volumes. We can make thousands of one part and are faster and lower priced than injection molding when you amortize the cost of tooling into the part cost in many cases.

We can print parts that cannot be injection molded, due to under cuts, hollows, holes on an angle, complex geometries.

We gladly review all models for printability and cost effectiveness and give constructive feedback for your benefit.

 Do you create CAD models?

While we have extensive experience and understand CAD, it is not the focus of our business. However, if you have the need for design work, several of our customers are also designers that we recommend for such services. If you have a model you need someone to look over to make sure it’s fit for printing, we can definitely do that and make suggestions when needed.


Can you print in color?

We don’t print with colored materials, but we can dye the finished products a variety of colors. We can also paint parts and apply hydrographic patterns.


What materials do you use?

Our standard material is Nylon 12, with composite variations.

                                  Nylon 12 (durable white plastic)
                                  Glass-filled nylon
                                  Carbon fiber-filled nylon
                                  Fire retardant nylon
                                  Alumide (Aluminum filled Nylon)

* For more detailed information about our materials, check out the data sheets on our website – ult3d.com


If you have a project that requires 3D Printing give us a call at 503-848-8227 we will gladly discuss the options for your project. Pricing will be determined after evaluation of each project. Prior to calling, email your models to quotes@ult3d.com so we can look at them while we talk!

We are a friendly bunch and genuinely want to help!

Address:  5575 SE Alexander St, Hillsboro, OR 97123   (click to map it)

Questions: info@ult3d.com