Finishing 3D Printed Parts

We have teamed up with a world class Painter/Finisher to help bring your prototype and production parts to life. Finishing 3D printed price.

We offer a full spectrum of colors, once the color is decided you can chose a finish from Flat to Full Gloss finishes.

Your parts are sanded smooth, then filler primer is applied. At this point the parts are wet sanded. Then the color of choice is sprayed on. Once the color is on,  a clear coat is applied in the desired finish (Flat to Full Gloss).

If you have a proof-of-concept project that you need in a hurry, we can print the parts in a week. They painted in a matter of days and shipped to you overnight! 

The project below was printed in our SLS machines using Nylon 12 material. The parts also received 2mm heat staked threaded inserts for assembly purposes.


Finishing 3D Printed Parts

Painted Assembly
















Our mission is to provide 3D printing customers with extraordinary products and services from a team that loves doing their job. We want people to be excited about 3D printing with us.


It is called “rapid prototyping” for a good reason. Once your CAD file ready, we will usually print your parts within three to four days – faster if necessary.
(Higher volume orders may require extra time).

We specialize in high quantity production parts and are very competitive with injection molding on lower volumes. It is possible to make thousands of one part faster and lower priced than injection molding when you amortize the cost of tooling into the part cost in many cases.

We can print parts that cannot be injection molded, due to under-cuts, hollows, holes on an angle and complex geometries.

We gladly review all models for printability and cost effectiveness and give constructive feedback for your benefit.