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Manufacturing without limits

With today’s 3D printing technology, your imagination has more power than ever. If you can dream it up and sketch it out, a custom product could be in your hands in a matter of days, created with extreme precision and even real world functionality. The lines between your vision and reality are quickly disappearing, and Ultimate 3D is here to help you bridge the gap.

Who is Ultimate 3D?

  • We are an Oregon-based 3D printing company specializing in SLS (selective laser sintering) technology. This is one of the most sophisticated printing technologies available, much different than your home 3D printer. With in-house printing capabilities, Ultimate 3D can create parts for prototyping and production uses, handling orders of several thousand parts if necessary. Our team has several years of combined experience working on both sides of the printing process, from concept design and CAD to printing and assembly.
  • Ultimate Values: Integrity Relationship Imagination Innovation Excellence

Ultimate 3D is the next step once your CAD file is ready. While technology has allowed us to streamline several processes, we still believe in the value of personal service. We choose to build relationships with our clients rather than letting computers do all the work. That means we’re open to questions about your project, and you can bet we personally review every CAD file you send over.

One of the great things about SLS is that it doesn’t let materials go to waste. We believe in using resources responsibly and are happy to offer our feedback to help you determine the most effective way to manufacture your product. With decades of manufacturing experience and a commitment to integrity, Ultimate 3D is a team you can trust. Work with us and we will prove it.

Why Ultimate 3D

 Ultimate 3D Info Sheet (5.5kb pdf)

This info sheet provides you with valuable information on the services and materials Ultimate 3D can provide as well as information about SLS Printing Technology in a single, easy to understand, page. Conveniently download this sheet, no email needed! Great for your own information or to use in conjunction with a proposal to your co-workers, board of directors, or other decision makers.


Work With Us

  1. 1. Email us your CAD file/details of your project

  2. 2. Get a quote within a few hours.

  3. 3. Choose Ultimate 3D

  4. 4. Your parts can usually be printed within a matter of days


Our Services and Materials:

It’s pretty simple! We make your designs into real life products. Give us a CAD model and with our amazing SLS technology, we’ll bring your vision to life. Our basic production material is a strong plastic called Nylon-12, which is impressively durable, flexible, and heat-resistant. If you need something a little different, we can also print models using a variety of optional compounds like carbon or glass-filled nylon.

Instead of letting computers do all the work, we personally review your CAD file and will gladly offer feedback on your design to ensure that you get the results you desire.


  • Bike Shoe Prototype

    3D Print Prototyping

    Our technology is the fastest most effective medium for realizing your designs. With the ability to print a custom model for you in a matter of days, our technology is great for prototypes. You have the freedom to print a prototype and even make modifications on a short timeline.

  • Trophies/ProductionMyth: 3D printing is only good for prototypes.

    3D Print Production

    3D printing has come a long way since its introduction, now able to create functional products with long-term value. Conventional design rules are out the window as powerful lasers can create virtually any model with extreme precision. Today, this technology has entered the mainstream with robust materials and rapid turnaround. Assemblies can be printed as assemblies, removed from the build chamber, then quickly cleaned and ready to function. Major industries like medical, aerospace, and many more are already using 3D printing to manufacture high-value custom parts.

  • Powder Cake Materials

    SLS Materials

    We offer the following materials in our SLS printing services:
    • Nylon 12
    Glass-Filled Nylon
    • Flame Retardant Nylon
    Carbon-Filled Nylon

Take your parts to the next level.

  • Tumble polishing

  • Hand Sanding

  • Nickel plating

  • Dying


Who is Working with Us?


Meet the Owners

  • Mike Larkin

    Mike Larkin

    Over his career, Mike has served in the U.S. Navy, worked at multiple companies specializing in different facets of the manufacturing industry, and started his own companies to create custom products. Mike knows CAD design software and has degrees in electronic engineering and machine technologies.

    At his first company called Draftmaster Sports Racks, he created a custom product line to carry bicycles on vehicles. After selling his company in 1998 with a national sales rep team and a full-scale production shop, Mike began working for a company specializing in custom metal fabrication.

    Mike gained firsthand knowledge of 3D printing for production while working as a sales and engineering manager at an Oregon-based 3D printing company. It wasn’t long before he was eager to start his own company and bring the 3D printing business to an even higher standard. This is when Ultimate 3D took shape.

    Mike Larkin spent four nights on Mt Hood in an ice cave he made with his bare hands and a shovel. He likes motorcycle trips, designing bicycle accessories, spending time with his wife and son, and living on the wild side. 

  • Robin Oeffner

    Robin Oeffner

    Robin has more than three decades of experience in the manufacturing industry. He began his career learning machining and went on to help establish multiple machine shops throughout the Northwest. Making the switch to the additive manufacturing industry, Robin worked with Mike handling sales and customer service at an Oregon 3D printing company.

    Finding himself in the riveting transition between two industrial revolutions, Robin has come to know several facets of manufacturing, from hands-on traditional processes to CAD design and the latest 3D printing technologies. Robin is particularly interested in the different ways to create high-tolerance functional products using 3D printing technology like SLS—with greater accuracy than ever before.

    Robin spent a decade racing in a NASCAR short-track series. He likes dirt biking, spending time with his family, being in the woods, and cross-country motorcycle trips.

About 3D Printing

  • What are the uses of 3D Printing?

    For Prototypes—3D printing is your best friend when you want to create a part quickly and without the cost of tooling. When it comes to printing prototypes, the decision to choose 3D printing is much more apparent. You only need one or limited products, so why not have a custom design printed within a matter of days while you pay only for the cost of each unit?

    For Production Parts—3D printing isn’t only for prototypes. Depending on your specific needs, it may be the perfect fit for a larger production order as well. Higher volume production is where you simply have to weigh your costs. Often times, the cost of tooling and manufacturing makes traditional production much more expensive than 3D printing your parts. In the end, the volume of your order as well as the desired production timeline will determine which manufacturing method is right for your project. We strive to exhibit integrity in all of our business practices, and we are happy to help you choose the most time and cost-effective process for your specific needs.

    Key industries that use 3D printing

     Motor Sport
     Product Development
  • What is Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)?

    If you’re not familiar with different 3D printing methods, SLS is unique in that it allows us to manufacture very complex 3D parts that are both precise and durable. As an additive manufacturing process, SLS uses a laser to sinter, or fuse, powder-based materials layer by layer for form a solid object based on a digital 3D model. Once the solid product is fully formed, it is removed from the powder chamber and all loose material is cleaned off. Because the laser affects only the powder needed to form the model, no material goes to waste.

    While many 3D printing methods are typically used for prototypes or simpler designs, SLS is a great method for creating both prototypes and functional parts.

    Yes, functional parts. The pros at Ultimate 3D have printed functional auto and aerospace parts, medical prosthetics for everyday use, and much more. The base material used in our machines comes out as an extremely durable but also flexible plastic, which can bend without breaking, unlike the brittle parts formed by 3D printers built mainly for prototypes. In addition, we can add other powders like carbon fiber to the mix to create a variety of material compounds. If you need durable parts that can withstand wear, tear, and heat, SLS is a good way to go.